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We are musicians, broadcast professionals, web developers, businessmen and women, entrepreneurs and marketers. First and foremost, however, we are passionate about the excellent and abundant talent that is available right in our own neighborhood.

Our goal is to create a bridge between performing artists and the people who are hungry for new and unique musical entertainment. These are the same people who regularly visit coffee shops and other local venues in search of such talent. They are tired of the monotonous entertainment that is repetitiously served up by the mainstream media, and are desperately seeking new sounds and experiences they can relate with and enjoy as their own. On the same front is the independent performing artist, who is seeking those individuals who appreciate his or her talent, but find it difficult to “get the word out” about that talent. Many of these individuals are working with limited resources, most of which is spent on performance or recording expenses, with little or no funding left over to adequately promote their talent. At KC Café Radio, our goal is to bridge that gap between performer and consumer, using an approach we believe is not currently available. We accomplish that goal utilizing a combination of resources, including: an online streaming radio station; a website that acts as a resource listing of available talent (an artist’s showcase, if you will); a calendar of scheduled performances, and other services limited only by the imagination! We envision this project as an ever evolving one – one that grows and expands as the needs of the independent performing artist and consumer grows. We can’t do it all ourselves, however! This effort requires the help and input from others who are also enthusiastic about this project. It requires participation on behalf of individuals who have talent and experience in the media, technical and business management fields. It requires participation on behalf of music enthusiasts who provide the input and feedback on what they value in a resource such as this. It also requires business resources, providing the support and financing of this project. And, most importantly, it requires the support and participation of the independent performing artist, who not only stands to gain the most from this resource, but is at the heart of what makes it possible. We are a small group that has been throwing this idea around among ourselves for several years. We are musicians, broadcast professionals, web developers, businessmen and women, entrepreneurs and marketers. First and foremost, however, we are passionate about the excellent and abundant talent that is available right in our own neighborhood. We encourage you to join us on this quest to share this talent with the world!

John Dutton Technical Director When John built a low-power AM radio transmitter for his high school science fair project, he had no idea what he would be getting into.His first stint in “real” radio was at country station KLTI in Macon, Missouri, where he read news and hosted a weekly talk show. He later went on to work in Public Radio, at station KTBG in Warrensburg, Missouri, where he served as the local host of “Morning Edition,” and currently serves as midday host at KMMO Radio in Marshall, Missouri.  John also has a love for meteorology, and hopes to go on a tornado chasing expedition someday.

What our Artists are saying about us:

@KathySColeman thank you so much!! Can’t wait to come back to @kccaferadio! You guys were fantastic!!”
@KathySColeman @kccaferadio KC Cafe Radio feels like home to me!”
@KathySColeman @kccaferadio are doing a great job hosting live radio concerts”
@KathySColeman @kccaferadio i love kc cafe radio!!! Rock & roll face, woohoo!!” 

Beth Wood Rocks It

Kathy ForsteKathy Forste Music Director

Kathy Forste graduated from Central Missouri State University with a degree in Broadcasting and Film and a minor in music. KC Café Radio is a realization of her two passions, broadcasting and music.Kathy has worked in television and radio for the past 30 years in various capacities.  This includes production, master control, programming and development for  ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and PBS.  Kathy’s passion for music began as a child. At the age of 13 she wrote her first “real song” and has been writing songs and playing guitar ever since. She started performing live about 24 years ago as a solo artist in Oklahoma. She has played everywhere from Seattle, Washington to the Bluebird Café in Nashville. Kathy has written, recorded and produced three CD’s, “Mojo Hum”, “Too Late For Regrets” and “Home Fires”.  In her role with KC Café Radio Kathy has had the pleasure of interviewing over 60 singer/songwriters for the KC Café Radio website. She is also the sole ear for choosing the music of almost 500 songwriters and 5,000 songs for the playlist on KC Café Radio.  In her role as music director she coordinates and books the music for KC Café Radio Concert series which has included such well known acts as the Stray Birds, Jonathan Byrd, Beth Wood, Jeff Campbell and Stephanie Urbina Jones.  Kathy is a member of Folk Alliance International and Kansas City Songwriters Group.

Kathleen Coleman Director of Artist Relations Kathleen ColemanThe newest member of the KC Cafe Radio team, Kathleen Coleman says she “…is very excited to have this opportunity to work with the creative songwriters and musicians as the new Director of Artist Relations at KC Cafe Radio.” Kathleen is somewhat of a creative person herself. She’s always loved the arts and enjoyed growing up singing with her best friend. Before going to college at Central Missouri State University to major in Graphic Arts, she had aspired to be a musician. But as life happens, priorities change and she found her true calling in the customer service arena. With over 20 years of customer service experience with companies such as Ozarks Public Television, Sprint PCS, and Girl Scouts USA, Kathleen looks forward to putting this experience to use working with KC Cafe Radio Performing Artists. She has extensive experience troubleshooting and resolving issues with a motto of, “I’m the buck, and here’s where it stops!”   She says she looks forward to being a musician’s advocate, where no issue is too small to resolve.