Carmen Allgood goes “Beyond Diapers”

By: John Dutton, Operations Director

When Carmen Allgood began her career in radio in the mid-80s, she had no idea that someday she would be hosting one of the most significant nationally-syndicated radio programs on independent music.  It didn't take her long, while working the "graveyard shift" at a classic rock station, to see there was something missing in the heavily-researched "national artist" playlists that dominated (and continue to dominate) the content on mainstream radio.  She decided to do something about it.

Today, she is host to a pair of nationally-syndicated radio shows that focus on independent musicians.  Her shows are heard on over 200 radio stations each week, and she has featured more than 15,000 independent musicians on her shows.  One of those shows, Indie Music Wave, airs Saturday afternoons at 1 p.m., and Sunday mornings at 6 a.m. (Eastern).

Carmen is also a self-proclaimed Loveologist, She writes regularly on the subject of love and happiness through published articles and blogs.  She recently published her first in a series of books called Beyond Diapers: The Beginner's Guide To Inner Peace.  The first edition of her series is subtitled: "How Not To Wallow In Your Own Poop."

Recently, Carmen and I had a fascinating conversation via Skype about her shows, the music industry, the subjects of love and happiness and how all of this intertwines in her life.  Carmen also offers some valuable advice to musicians on being successful in today's competitive music world.

Listen To The Interview Here: