Judy Nazemetz Brings Fun to Life Through Music

Judy NazemetzIf you ask Judy Nazemetz what her greatest musical influences are, she quickly tells you she has none.  Rather, Judy has immersed herself in all sorts of endeavors involving arts and entertainment.  And that’s what makes her music so eclectic.

Judy grew up in “Central Jersey” gaining an appreciation for musical theatre, which she took with her when she moved to Los Angeles and became involved in several plays and musical theatre productions.  She would go on to write her own one-woman show.

Along the way, Judy appeared more than 100 times on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, with Ellen DeGeneres on her sitcom, and in numerous television commercials.  With the 2014 release of her debut album, Variety Pak, Judy culminates all of her writing, comedy, performance, musical theater, and life experience into a single package.  Her music invites us to smile and laugh along with her, while at the same time affording us the opportunity to look at our own lives from a different perspective.

Recently, KC Cafe radio Music Director Kathy Forste talked with Judy via Skype.  Judy describes her journey from Jersey to L.A, and her experiences along the way, and how those experiences influence the songs on Variety Pak.  She also tells the stories behind the various characters she has developed, and what it was like to appear alongside people like Jay Leno and Ellen DeGeneres.

Listen to the interview here:

Music by Judy Nazemetz on KC Cafe Radio:

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