Purnell Picked Up By Publisher, Featured On National Radio Show

Billy Jack PurnellMid-Missouri singer/songwriter and KC Cafe Radio Performing Artist Billy Jack Purnell announces that his works will be picked up by international publishing company Factory Music Publishing.

Purnell currently has two self-produced albums, Acousticueticals and Bipolar 101.  Releasing future works through Factory Music will open the door for Purnell to pursue greater and more broad-based opportunities in the music industry, according to the musician.

Purnell has already gained recent national attention, when he was featured as an emerging artist on the Crook and Chase radio show this fall.  Independent Artist Magazine also featured him in it’s August/September 2013 issue.

Purnell will perform in a KC Cafe House Concert in Marshall, Missouri in July, 2014.  More information here.

Music By Billy Jack Purnell On KC Cafe Radio: