Roger Street Friedman releases second album

The last time we caught up with singer/songwriter and KC Cafe Radio Performing Artist Roger Street Friedman, he had just released his first album, The Waiting Sky. Now, he has a new project under his belt, the just-released Shoot The Moon. Still offering up the trademark”Roger Street Friedman sound,” this one steps things up, featuring Roger’s ever-evolving musical journey, offering up memorable melodies in a variety of genres ranging from Jazz, Blues, R&B and Rock.

Recently, KC Cafe Radio Music Director Kathy Forste talked with Roger via Skype about “Shoot The Moon.” They talk about the lessons he learned since producing his first project, the advantages of recording this project at his in-home studio, the variety of genres exhibited within the individual songs on the album, and his plans for more projects in the future.

Listen to the interview here:

Download the interview here: Interview: Roger Street Friedman 6/12/2017

Music by Roger Street Friedman on KC Cafe Radio: