Share Your Music

Do you write and play music similar to what you hear on The Cafe?


Here’s What We’re Looking For:

  • Your original compositions that are performed by you
  • No cover songs
  • Music that would be enjoyed in a coffee shop-style setting


If we decide to play your music on KC Cafe Radio:

We will ask you to complete and sign a Performance Release, in which you confirm that:

  • You are the “sole” copyright owner for any music that we might include in the program.
  • As the copyright owner, you give KC Cafe Radio permission to broadcast your music, royalty free, in exchange for the promotion we’ll provide for your music to our listeners. On average, you can expect each one of your songs to be streamed about 400 times during a single month. That’s a LOT of free exposure we’re giving you to our listeners.
  • You confirm that you will represent yourself as the licensor of your music to us, and that you are not expecting any other agency (BMI, ASCAP, SOUNDEXCHANGE, the RIAA) to do that for you. In other words, we are asking YOU to give us direct permission to play your music. By signing the Performance Release, you are stating that you will represent yourself and that these other organizations cannot collect licensing fees from KC Cafe Radio for you.
  • We will then ask you to send the completed and signed Performance Release document along with CD recordings of your works to us. We prefer a copy of your retail product, if available (in other words, we want to be able to provide our listeners with the same listening experience that someone purchasing one of your CDs would get).


To Submit Your Music For Airplay, send an email to Music Director Kathy Forste by completing the form below: