Shows Add Dimension To Listening Experience

You already know that KC Cafe Radio plays The World's finest Original Music 24 hours-a-day.  However, you may not be aware that we also offer up a number of special programs each week designed to give you a deeper understanding of, and appreciation for the unique original music you hear.

We believe these programs add an extra dimension to your KC Cafe Radio listening experience, and encourage you to tune in each week to discover the musical opportunities they have to offer.

KC Cafe Radio's New Music Show
Fridays at Noon (Central Time)

Culled from music recently added to the rotation, the show features a selection of the newest artists to appear on the station.  Eight songs are featured each week, during the 30-minute program.

For a complete listing of the music played on the program, you may follow along during the show here.  To see a complete listing of all the new music that has recently been added to the rotation, click here.

Indie Music Wave Radio Show with Carmen Allgood
Saturdays at Noon and Sundays at 5AM (Central Time)

Hosted by independent music consultant and enthusiast Carmen Allgood, Indie Music Wave is a weekly journey through the world of unsigned bands.  The hour-long program takes you through all music genres, and introduces you to fine, independent musical talent from across the United States and around the world.

Indie Music Wave is currently syndicated to over 200 broadcast outlets worldwide each week.

Michael Gaiter's Songs And Stories
Saturday at 8AM and Sundays at 5PM (Central Time)

KC Cafe Radio Performing Artist and singer/songwriter Michael Gaither hosts this weekly conversation with musicians discussing music, and the stories behind that music.  His "kitchen table" conversations are presented in a laid back, informative style that allows the program to focus on real-life experiences, rather than on presentation.  And occasionally, Michael takes his microphone on the road to music showcase events and performances, presenting musicians in their natural environment.

Michael has produced just over 110 episodes since its beginning in 2007.