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FAI 2015: Conversations At Folk Alliance

AJ Genero, Kathy Forste and Hilary Scott posing for the camera following their Showcase performanceFor all of us at KC Cafe Radio, the 27th Annual Folk Alliance International conference proved to be our most rewarding experience yet.  It was an honor to host such an outstanding group of fine musicians from across the United States and around the world on our Showcase stage and on our air.

We wish to thank all of those musicians who shared their musical talent, making our nearly 20 hours of live coverage possible and entertaining.  Thanks also to others who were not scheduled to perform on our stage yet dropped by just to say “hello” and lend their support.

Thanks to Sally Smith, proprietor of Whistlestop Antiques in Belton, Missouri, and a KC Cafe Radio board member, who assisted behind the scenes with our production efforts.

The view outside from the KC Cafe Radio showcase room: Union Station and downtown Kansas CityThanks to Folk Alliance International, who placed us inside such a beautiful performance venue at the Westin Crown Center Hotel. It was a treat to look out our windows and gaze over Union Station, the downtown Kansas City skyline, and the Crossroads Arts District, while we enjoyed the live music.

And most importantly, thank you, dear listener, for supporting this excellent demonstration of Bringing You The World’s Finest Original Music with your listenership of our live coverage.  If you missed any of it, you will find the archived recordings elsewhere on this site, just search for “FAI2015.”

Here are the interviews we recorded between performances at our Showcase stage:

FAI 2014: Saturday Night Showcase

Aaron Fowler and Laura DunganFebruary 21, 2014 – Our Showcase coverage from the  concluded Saturday night with a musically rousing collection of fine musicians.  Our thanks to John Batdorf, Andrew Foshee, Hilary Scott, Lucy Billings, Beth Wood, Lost Hollow and Aaron Fowler and Laura Dungan for providing the entertainment.

Listen to the performances here:

Pictures from Saturday night’s show:

FAI Conference 2014: Thursday Night Showcase

Chad AbernathyFebruary 20, 2014 – Our Thursday night showcase stage at the 26th Annual Folk Alliance International Conference in Kansas City, Missouri was brimming with wonderful talent.  Thanks to Mick Byrd, Bill Abernathy, Chad Abernathy, Bohemian Highway and Aaron Fowler and Laura Dungan for making the evening so musically pleasurable.

Listen to the performances here:

Pictures from the show:

2014 Folk Alliance International Conference Live Broadcast Schedule

Westin Crown Center Hotel, Kansas City, MissouriJoin KC Cafe Radio at the beautiful Westin Crown Center Hotel in downtown Kansas City Thursday, February 20, as we begin our live coverage of the 26th annual Folk Alliance International Conference and Music Camp.

Tune in to KC Cafe Radio Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with live performances from our private showcase room at the conference beginning at 2PM and 10:30PM Central Time each day. 

If you miss any of our live coverage, check back here at the website, as we will offer archived recordings of each performance.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

KC Cafe Radio Stage at the Roanoke Room

(This event will not broadcast live over KC Cafe Radio, however we will offer archived recordings of the performances on the website following the show)

  • 8PM: Kasey Rausch
  • 8:20: Jonathan Fleig
  • 8:40: Jefferson Fox
  • 9PM: Mick Byrd
  • 9:20: Conner Leimer
  • 9:40: Dylan Russel
  • 10 PM: Brendan MacNaughton
  • 10:20: Sky Smeed
  • 10:40: Andrew Foshee
  • 11 PM: The Buttermilk Boys
  • 11:20: Brody Buster Trio
  • 11:40: Molly Gene

All times are Central Time

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Live from our private showcase room

  • 2 PM:Bohemian Highway
  • 2:20: Mick Byrd
  • 2:40: Richard Paul Thomas
  • 3 PM: Jefferson Fox
  • 3:20: Josh Harty
  • 3:40: Shane Lamb
  • 10:30 PM: Mick Byrd
  • 11:00 PM: Bill Abernathy
  • 11:30 PM: Chad Abernathy
  • Midnight:  Bohemian Highway
  • 12:30 AM: Aaron Fowler and Laura Dungan

All times are Central Time

Friday, February 21, 2014

Live from our private showcase room

  • 2 PM: Kim Richey
  • 2:20: Bill Abernathy
  • 2:40: Chad Abernathy
  • 3 PM: Kelley McRae
  • 3:20: Hilary Scott
  • 3:40: Jonathan Fleig
  • 10:30 PM: Sky Smeed
  • 11:00 PM: Kelley McRae
  • 11:30 PM: Street Corner Choir
  • Midnight :  Andrew McKnight
  • 12:30 AM: Spook Handy
  •   1:00 AM: Shane Lamb
  •   1:30 AM: Lisa Bell

All times are Central Time

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Live from our private showcase room

  • 2 PM: Josh Harty
  • 2:20: John Batdorf
  • 2:40: Lucy Billings
  • 3 PM: Andrew McKnight
  • 3:20: Spook Handy
  • 3:40: Lost Hollow
  • 10:30 PM:John Batdorf
  • 11:00 PM: Andrew Foshee
  • 11:30 PM: Hilary Scott
  • Midnight : Lucy Billings
  • 12:30 AM: Beth Wood
  •   1:00 AM: Lost Hollow
  •   1:30 AM: Aaron Fowler and Laura Dungan

All times are Central Time

Click Here for more information on the 2014 Folk Alliance International Conference

New Music On KC Cafe Radio: January 14, 2014

Last Call Band - Whiskey Nights Last Call Band – Whiskey Nights ~New Artist~

  • Country

 Joe Peters & Friends - Red, Black & Blue  Joe Peters & Friends – Red, Black & Blue ~New Artist~

  • Americana/Folk

 Joe Peters - Pilgrimage  Joe Peters – Pilgrimage ~New Artist~

  • Americana/Folk

 Joedai Warriors - Over The Edge  Joedai Warriors – Over The Edge ~New Artist~

  • Americana/Folk

 Joedai Warriors - The Edge Of Disaster  Joedai Warriors – The Edge Of Disaster ~New Artist~

  • Americana/Folk

 Terry Holder - Flowers At Midnight  Terry Holder – Flowers At Midnight

  • Americana

 Jean Mann - Between The Rocks And Stars  Jean Mann – Between The Rocks And Stars

  • Americana/Pop/Folk

 Monet9 - East Of Nazareth  Monet9 – East Of Nazareth

  • Rock

 Bill Abernathy - Changes  Bill Abernathy – Changes ~New Artist~

  • Americana

 Chad Abernathy - The Journey  Chad Abernathy – The Journey ~New Artist~

  • Americana/Rock

 Tret Fure - My Shoes  Tret Fure – My Shoes ~New Artist~

  • Americana

 Tret Fure - The Horizon  Tret Fure – The Horizon ~New Artist~

  • Americana

 Tret Fure - True Compass  Tret Fure – True Compass ~New Artist~

  • Americana

 Tret Fure - A Piece Of The Sky  Tret Fure – A Piece Of The Sky ~New Artist~

  • Americana

 Johnathan Fleig - Strange Caravan  Johnathan Fleig – Strange Caravan ~New Artist~

  • Americana

 Connor Leimer - Like It's June  Connor Leimer – Like It’s June ~New Artist~

  • Acoustic Rock

 Smithfield Fair - Companions  Smithfield Fair – Companions

  • Folk

 Aaron Childree - Above The Norm  Aaron Childree – Above The Norm ~New Artist~

  • Pop

 Fred Knipe - Swimming With Tigers  Fred Knipe – Swimming With Tigers

  • Americana

 LA - Fowler/Dungan - Awaken  LA – Fowler/Dungan – Awaken ~New Artist~

  • Americana

 Barb Ryman - Catch The Sunset  Barb Ryman – Catch The Sunset ~New Artist~

  • Americana

 So Long Solo - The Complete Collection  So Long Solo – The Complete Collection ~New Artist~

  • Acoustic Pop