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FAR-West 2015: Friday Night Showcase

Folk Alliance Region WestThe 2015 FAR-West Music Conference continued Friday night, October 16 with an outstanding lineup of regional musicians.  Performances featured music by Nels Andrews, Berkley Hart, Rebecca Folsom, Asleigh Flynn, Ragged Union, Alice Wallace and The bombadils.  Here are the performances:

Nels Andrews

Nels Andrews


Berkley Hart



Rebecca Folsom



Asleigh Flynn



Ragged Union



Alice Wallace



The Bombadils



KC Cafe Radio Live @ FAR-West 2015: Friday Night Showcase

Folk Alliance Region WestWe continue our live broadcast coverage from the 2015 Folk Alliance Region West (FAR-West) conference in Oakland, California, beginning at 8:30 PM (Central Time).  Tune in to hear live music performances from Nels Andrews, Berkley Hart, Rebecca Folsom, Ashleigh Flynn, Ragged Union, Alice Wallace, and The Bombadils.  Here is the schedule for the performances:

8:30 PM: Nels Andrews

Nels AndrewsNels Andrews sings dreamscapes and travelogues. His songs bear the stamps of the places they were written, from the dreamy expansiveness of the New Mexican high desert where his musical career began; to the offbeat frenzy of his time split between touring, starting a family and working as a chauffeur in Manhattan; and recently the misty surf-spiritualism of California’s central coast.

9:00 PM: Berkley Hart

berkley_hartBerkley Hart is Jeff Berkley, Kerrville New Folk Songwriting Award winner, and Calman Hart, amazing wordsmith and harmonica virtuoso. They have toured for more than 13 years supporting seven studio albums. They repeatedly dazzle audiences with masterfully crafted lyrics, stunning harmonies, and stellar musicianship. They also tell wonderful stories and jokes between (or in the middle of) songs.

9:30PM: Rebecca Folsom

rebecca_folsomRebecca Folsom possesses a spark of wildness – both strategic and playful. Her music explores all that shows up along the road of life: heartbreaks, worries, tumbles, and the redemption and liberation that come when we surrender to it. Her voice flows from lilting tenderness to fully liberated, unbridled 4-octave joy that opens hearts and gets people to their feet.

10:00 PM: Ashleigh Flynn

ashleigh_flynnAshleigh Flynn grew up in Kentucky and cut her teeth on bluegrass. Her latest record, produced by Chris Funk (Decemberists), contains tales deeply rooted in the American experience. Her music is true blue Americana featuring folk, blues, country and rock. Ashleigh is a festival favorite throughout the US. She has traveled the globe, peddling her wares and delighting listeners.

10:30 PM: Ragged Union

ragged_unionRagged Union’s hard-driving bluegrass is an exciting fusion of instrumental prowess with modern edgy (even bluesy) lyrics that speak to current issues (well outside the usual “Bluegrass Box”). Their shows are a mix of self-penned tunes, standards turned inside out or upside down, and obscure traditional tunes done in a fresh and innovative way with hair-raising harmonies and stellar musicianship.

11:00 PM: Allice Wallace

alice_wallaceAlice Wallace is a Florida native now living in Los Angeles. Her impressive vocal chops and stellar musicianship have earned her the respect of fans and fellow Americana musicians. Her songs reflect an authentic soul nestled in a young person’s enthusiasm and wonder. By the end of her shows, when she starts yodeling, the listener’s heart has been wrapped in joy.

11:30 PM: The Bombadils

the_bombadilsThe Bombadils connected in Montreal over a shared curiosity in Celtic and bluegrass traditions. Endearingly described by their fans as “chamber folk,” diverse influences flow naturally through an array of instruments including flute, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, and upright bass. Then there are the gorgeous harmonies. Sarah and Luke also have a knack for attracting inspiring ensemble partners to their mix.

KC Cafe Radio Live @ FAR-West 2015

Folk Alliance Region West 2015 ConferenceKC Cafe Radio travels to Oakland, California this week to bring you live broadcast coverage of the 2015 Folk Alliance Region West (FAR-West) conference, held at the Mariott City Center Hotel.

Our live broadcast coverage begins at 8:30 PM (Central Time) Friday evening, when we bring you live performances from the Official Showcase show, featuring the music of Nels Andrews, Berkley Hart, Rebecca Folsom, Ashleigh Flynn, Ragged Union, Alice Wallace, and The Bombadils.

Saturday afternoon beginning approximately 2:30 PM (Central Time), we will broadcast the Best of the West awards ceremony, this year honoring Cris Williamson, Russ and Julie Paris, and Penny Nichols.

Then on Saturday night our live broadcast coverage concludes with the the Saturday night Official Showcase show, beginning at 8:30 PM (Central Time).  Tune in to hear outstanding sets of music from Cris Williamson (Best of the West Award Winner), Spark and Whisper, Rick Ruskin, Jalan Crossland, Freddy & Francine, Dan Weber, and Susie Glaze & The Hilonesome Band.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday throughout our regular music programming, tune in for “Conversations from Far-West.”  We will be talking with musicians and music industry specialists attending the conference.

Covering the 2015 Far-West Conference is our most ambitious project yet, and we invite you to tune in and join in on the fun and excitement!