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House Concert: The Stray Birds

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 – Attendees of KC Cafe Radio’s most recent House Concert was presented to an acoustic music treat Saturday night, as the talented trio The Stray Birds performed.  Group members Maya de Vitry, Oliver Craven and Charles Muench combined their rich and soothing three-part harmony with a variety of instruments and styles to make for a dynamically entertaining evening.

Featuring music from their latest self-titled album, The Stray Birds performed such original tunes as “Dream In Blue,” “Railroad Man,” “25 to Life,” and “No Part of Nothin’,” along with a few folk favorites such as “St. Anne’s Reel.”

Listen To The Entire Performance Here:

Here is a video of The Stray Birds performing “St. Anne’s Reel:”

Music By The Stray Birds On KC Cafe Radio:

Life Is Good For John Roy Zat

For singer/songwriter John Roy Zat, life couldn’t have him in a better place than he is right now.  “I have worked blue collar and white collar day jobs, with people in many different parts of the world,” Zat says on his website.  “With some mileage on my chassis now and a lot of this planet traveled, I can say that music is one of Nature’s laws. Everybody is moved by music. Everyone has a favorite song, or two, or twenty. One of my greatest joys is making music and sharing songs with people, and the more the better..”

Zat describes himself as “a singer, songwriter, fiddler, and guitar picker,”  He plays both classic American roots, folk, country and bluegrass standards, and also original songs.  It’s the original songs where Zat’s talent really shines brightly.  “I like songs that lift spirits, brighten hopes, make us laugh, and maybe cry a little,” he says.  “I want to celebrate love, mourn loss, ponder mystery, and especially have fun!”

Zat started playing guitar and singing in High School.  He took up fiddling shortly afterward, and began writing music in his early twenties.  His work has garnered the attention of the likes of music legends Caroline Herring and Kate Wolf, who recorded his words to “Midnight On The Water” in her second album.

Zat’s newest music endeavor are two albums.  The first is simply titled Solo, and features Zat playing and singing all his music. The second is an album that is 10 years in making, aptly titled Collaborations.  It features Zat playing his music with other musicians .

Recently KC Cafe Radio Music Director Kathy Forste spoke with Zat.  They talked about his long career, how he got started playing guitar and fiddle, his musical influences and how he chooses the traditional songs he loves to play.

Listen To The Interview:

Music By John Roy Zat On KC Cafe Radio: