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Lucy Billings Releases Third Album

Lucy BillingsSinger/Songwriter and KC Cafe Radio Performing Artist Lucy Billings delivers authentic songs with a crystal-clear voice. Reviewers have praised the “warmth and honesty in Billings’ songs that make her music seem closer to the listener” and her “knack for writing songs that make you feel like you’re part of the story.”

Lucy released her third album, Carry the Water in April, 2014. Carry the Water is a compelling journey through the twists and turns that we all experience. Without pretense Lucy examines life’s questions and struggles as a keen observer with a soft heart. A voice that is powerful yet reassuring combined with lyrics that reflect our truths, Lucy’s songs will draw the listener in.

Carry the Water was produced, recorded and mixed by John Jennings at Red Hill. Basic tracks were recorded by Brett Lind at Quad Studios. Featured musicians are Lucy Billings (lead and backing vocals and acoustic guitar), John Jennings (piano and keyboards, stringed instruments, backing vocals and additional drums and percussion), Harry Stinson (drums), James T. Brown (acoustic and electric base) and Vince Santoro (percussion).

Recently, KC Cafe Radio Music Director Kathy Forste talked with Lucy about her newest album, the trials and tribulations of songwriting, her horses, her recent move to Nashville, and a sneek peek into her fourth album, due out next year.

Listen to the interview:

Music by Lucy Billings on KC Cafe Radio (click here)