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KC Cafe Performing Artists Featured in Roots Music Best of 2015

Roots Music ReportRoots Music Report, the music chart representing Independent music, recently released its list of top played artists of 2015.  Approximately 34 KC Cafe Radio Performing Artists were among those receiving the “top honors” on the Roots charts.

Receiving top honors in the Folk category were Dan Weber for his album, What I’m Lookin’ For, which ranked 39.  Other 2015 top Folk artists/albums (and their ranking) included The Stray Birds/Best Medicine (42), John Roy Zat/Who’s Zat? (48), Young Novelists/Made Us Strangers (83), Johnathan Byrd/You Can’t Outrun the Radio (146), and Fiddle Whandiddle/Old School Old Time (153).

Several KC Cafe Radio Performing Artists also made top 2015 ranking in the Americana Country category, led by Tracy Newman and The Reinforcements for her album I Just See You, which ranked 35.  Also appearing were Lucy Billings/Carry The Water (39), Kerry Patrick Clark/In A Perfect World (52), Susie Glaze and The Hilonesome Band/Not That Kind of Girl (62), Hilary Scott/Freight Train Love (124), Sarah Pierce/Barbed Wire (132), Sky Smeed/Drive All Night (133), The Keller Sisters/Shine (135), Truckstop Honeymoon/The Madness of Happiness (153), Well Worn Soles/Country/Folk (165), Brad Colerick/When I’m Gone (182), and Stephanie Urbina Jones/The Texicana Sessions (195).

The Enzymes with The Active Ingredients received Root’s top 2015 billing in the Rock category for their single Doowapadoodle, which ranked 86th, while their self-titled album ranked 113, and other single Kill Yourself First ranked 133rd in the same category.  Enzymes also received recognition in the Alternative Rock and Roots Rock categories.  Other KC Cafe Radio Performing Artists appearing in Root’s Rock category was Roger Street Friedman for his album The Waiting Sky (149 – also appearing in the Roots Rock category at #63).

KC Cafe Radio Performing Artists also appeared in some of Root’s more eclectic categories.  In the Pop category, John M ranked 38th place for his album, M-VI, followed by Victor & Penny and Their Loose Change Orchestra for their album, Live at the Living Room Theatre, which ranked 169th.  In the Electronic category, Surreal Realm ranked 14th place for their single Endeavors.  Appearing in the Religious category were Pastor Brad/Lemonade (91), Bob Sima/Putalittlemoreloveintheworld (94), Project 15:16/The Way, and Granger Lofton/Demos (102).

Several KC Cafe Radio Performing Artists had singles that fared well in 2015, including Judy Nazemetz for her songs, Yesterday I Was So Tired , What’re We Gonna Do About Judy Wyner?, and We Got No Love Today.  Other artists with top 2015 singles included Doug Adamz, Joey Curtain, John Batdorf, Chappell and Dave Holt, John Zipperer, and Folding Mr. Lincoln.

Since 1998, Roots Music Report has been collecting radio station airplay data to create its weekly airplay charts.  KC Cafe Radio has been a Roots Music reporting station since 2011.

New Music On KC Cafe Radio: May 14, 2013

 The Keller Sisters - Shine  The Keller Sisters – Shine ~New artist~

  • Americana

 Jerry Sword - Dead Man's Hands  Jerry Sword – Dead Man’s Hands ~New artist~

  • Rock/Pop

 Carey Appel - House Of Cards  Carey Appel – House Of Cards ~New artist~

  • Country/Pop

 Ron Hibdon - Cabalang  Ron Hibdon – Cabalang ~New artist~

  • Jazz/Pop

 Paul Dubrovsky - Soulfly  Paul Dubrovsky – Soulfly

  • Jazz/Pop

 Susie Glaze & The Hilonesome Band - White Swan  Susie Glaze & The Hilonesome Band – White Swan ~New artist~

  • Americana

 Bill and Eli Perras - We Are the People  Bill and Eli Perras – We Are the People ~New artist~

  • Americana

 Bill and Eli Perras - Runnin' Outta' Georgia  Bill and Eli Perras -Runnin’ Outta’ Georgia ~New artist~

  • Americana

 Folding Mr. Lincoln - Two Rivers  Folding Mr. Lincoln – Two Rivers

  • Americana

 Deborah Crooks - Little Bird  Deborah Crooks – Little Bird

  • Pop

 John Byrne Band - Celtic/Folk  John Byrne Band – Celtic/Folk

  • Folk/Traditional