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Happy Holidays from KC Cafe Radio

KC Cafe Radio Holiday GreetingsAs we approach 2015, we want to take a moment to personally thank all those who helped keep the music streaming in 2014.  First, we would like to thank all of our Performing Artists who have shared their original music with our station.  We are in awe of all the talented singer/songwriters currently streaming on the Cafe and those who performed this year in our Concert Series.

Second, we want to recognise a small group of individuals who tirelessly work in the background for KC Cafe.  We want to thank our Board of Directors which includes: John Dutton (President), Larry Garrett (Vice President), Victor James Dougherty (Secretary), and Beth Coleman (Treasurer).  Their contributions over the last six months have greatly improved our processes.

Next, we want to thank our Underwriters, KC Cafe Menu Favorites, and Community Partnerships.  Their financial and professional support helped pay for all our operational costs in 2014, as well as, allowed us to expand our reach and participate in regional folk festivals in new and exciting ways. These individuals and businesses include:

Our Concert Series Hosts were amazing in 2014. Our generous Concert Series Hosts brought together their friends and excellent food to experience KC Cafe Performing Artists from all over the United States.  A huge THANK You to the following 2014 Concert Series Hosts who welcomed KC Cafe Radio into their homes and businesses.  We are truly grateful for your partnership and everyone can relive each live performance in our live music archives here.  The list of 2014 Concert Series Hosts include:

Last but not least, we want to thank the listeners and fans of original music!  Since we began our journey in 2008 so much has changed.  Yet as things have changed our  mission has remained constant, to provide you the listener with the World Finest Original Music on the planet!  So as we close out another broadcast year we are excited to enter into 2015 with high hopes to increase our reach, expand our services to artists, and acquire new listeners looking for original music.

May 2015 be merry and bright for you and yours and may you have a blessed holiday season for the rest of 2014.

Happy Holidays from KC Cafe Radio – John, Kathy, and Kathleen

Kerry Patrick Clark: In A Perfect World

Kerry Patrick ClarkKerry Patrick Clark will quickly tell you that his amazing talent is a gift, one that he does not take for granted.  The opportunities he has been afforded over his life – from the guitar that inspired his father to teach him the gift of music, his years touring with the New Christy Minstrels in the mid ’80s, to the life experiences that inspire him to wear his heart on on his guitar strings today, there is no doubt his talent is indeed a gift.

It is fitting then, that Kerry takes a moment to produce an album that reflects on those experiences, and offers commentary on experiences we all encounter in our daily lives.  That is exactly what he does in his latest album, In A Perfect World.

At the recent 2014 Folk Alliance Region Midwest conference in Saint Louis, Missouri, Kerry took a moment from his extremely busy schedule (not only as conference registrar but as a performing musician at the conference) to talk with us about this latest project.  Prior to the opening of our Private Showcase room for the final night at the conference, he sat down with Music Director Kathy Forste and Artist Relastions Director Kathleen Coleman to share his thoughts.  They talked about the challenges of being a parent and husband, while also being an on-the-road musician, as well as his decision to make music his career.  Kerry reveals to us that art IS work, and that parenting can be an art form!  We also get a “sneek peak” into a new Christmas album that he plans to release next year.

Listen to the interview here:

More pictures from the interview:

Music by Kerry Patrick Clark here.

FARM 2014: Conversations At FARM

KC Cafe Radio's Booth at the 2014 Folk Alliance Region Midwest conferenceOur second year of coverage from the 2014 Folk Alliance Region Midwest Conference  in Saint Louis Missouri was highlighted by the conversations we had with conference attendees.  From musicians, music industry professionals, radio station DJs and venue operators, we were impressed with the breadth of conversation and learning we acquired at this year’s conference.

We hope you also enjoyed our live coverage.  Over the three days at the conference, over 22 hours of live coverage, including 6 hours of live performances from our Private Showcase stage, was provided for your listening pleasure. Here, we present all the conversations that were recorded from our daytime coverage at the conference.  Elsewhere you will find recordings from our live late-night showcase broadcasts.  If you missed any our live coverage, you can enjoy it all right here.

Next Year the conference relocates to Iowa City, Iowa.  A community rich in art and culture, Iowa City will offer even greater opportunities for networking, performance and fun.  Stay tuned to the FARM website for more details!

Conversations at FARM:

Pictures from our interviews:


FARM 2014: Saturday Night Showcase

Ann Armstrong and Steve HughesOur third and final night of live broadcasts from our Private Showcase room at the 2014 Folk Alliance Region Midwest conference was full of encore presentations, encore performances, and a few surprises!  Our thanks to Graydon James and Laura Spink, who graced our stage with a beautiful “bonus” song, Kerry Patrick Clark who fought through the fatigue to bring us another stellar performance, Ann Armstrong and Steve Hughes for some stellar blues, Victor James Dougherty with a refreshing “surprise” by bringing along his friends Guy Pernetti and Poor Lazarus to his performance, and to father and son and St. Louis natives Elliott and Bryan Ranney for wrapping up the evening’s show.

Listen to the performances here:

Pictures from our Saturday night showcase:

FARM 2014: Friday Night Showcase

KC Cafe Radio Showcase RoomOur second night of live coverage from our Private Showcase room at the 2014 Folk Alliance Region Midwest Conference featured a wide range of music talents, excellently representing what it means to be Folk.  Our thanks to The Squirrel Hillbillies, Richard Paul Thomas, Gradon James and Laura Spink, Jane Godfrey and Sue Fink, Cathy Gutjahr and Brian Kalinec for offering up their fine talent for our microphones.

Listen to the performances here:

Pictures from our Friday night showcase: