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New Music On KC Cafe Radio: February 21, 2012

Brittany Reilly Band – Honky Tonk Home
  • Country Americana

Johnathan Jeter and the Revelators – Late To My Own Funeral

  • Root Rock

Namoli Brennet – We Were Born to Rise

  • Modern Folk

Truckstop Honeymoon – Steamboat in a Cornfield

  • Americana Roots

Beth Wood – The Weather Inside

  • Americana Country

Shay Ryburn – Love Don’t Grow on Trees

  • Americana

Kenny Hines – The Best of Kenny Hines

  • Rock

Paul Vens – If It Be Your Will

  • (A new single from the album Playing In The Fields)

Linda Chorney – Emotional Jukebox

  • Roots Rock

John Roy Zat – Collaborations

  • Roots Americana Country

John Roy Zat – Solo

  • Folk

Monet9 – LocaL YokeL

  • Alternative

Cam Penner – Gypsy Summer

  • Modern Folk

Certain Circles – Disappear

  • Alternative

Mike Benish – Stories From Home

  • Roots Americana Country

Eddy Faulkner  РOnly One

  • Pop