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FARM 2014: Thursday Night Showcase

KC Cafe Radio's live coverage from the 2014 Folk Alliance Region Midwest ConferenceOur first night of live coverage from the 2014 Folk Alliance Region Midwest Conference in Saint Louis, Missouri brought out an amazing set of talented Midwest musicians.  Our Thanks to RJ Cowdrey, Kerry Patrick Clark, Ann Armstrong and Steve Hughes, Victor James Dougherty, Tim Fast and Laurie McClain for sharing their outstanding talent in our Private Showcase room at the conference.

Here you have an opportunity to re-experience our live coverage with these recorded presentations.  Stay tuned, we will be posting recordings from the Friday and Saturday Private Showcase shows, as well as all of the interviews we recorded during the conference over the next several days.

Listen to the Thursday night Private Showcase  performances here:

Pictures from our Thursday night Private Showcase show:

New Music On KC Cafe Radio: November 19, 2013

 Kerry Patrick Clark - In A Perfect World Kerry Patrick Clark – In A Perfect World

  • Folk

 James Curley - There Used To Ba A Train  James Curley – There Used To Ba A Train ~New Artist~

  • Americana

 Gloria Attoun - Into The Hands Of Angles  Gloria Attoun – Into The Hands Of Angles

  • Folk

 Cable Car - Ride  Cable Car – Ride ~New Artist~

  • Pop/Rock

 Dan Weber - Ash And Bone  Dan Weber – Ash And Bone ~New Artist~

  • Country

 Nathan Bell - Blood Like A River  Nathan Bell – Blood Like A River ~New Artist~

  • Country

 Martine Locke - Deconstructed  Martine Locke – Deconstructed

  • Acoustic Rock

 Martine Locke - Live At The Irving  Martine Locke – Live At The Irving

  • Acoustic Rock

 Elliott Ranney - Bellevue Shuffle  Elliott Ranney – Bellevue Shuffle

  • Jazz

 Jeremiah Birnbaum - Lucky  Jeremiah Birnbaum – Lucky ~New Artist~

  • Acoustic

 The Wilhelms - Film At 11  The Wilhelms – Film At 11 ~New Artist~

  • Americana

 Gary Paul - Sid's Gaseteria  Gary Paul – Sid’s Gaseteria ~New Artist~

  • Americana

 Gary Paul - American Road  Gary Paul – American Road ~New Artist~

  • Americana

 Fred Knipe - Swimming With Tigers (single)  Fred Knipe – Swimming With Tigers (single) ~New Artist~

  • Alt Country

 John Sherman & Randy Clepper - Finally Tuned  John Sherman & Randy Clepper – Finally Tuned ~New Artist~

  • Traditional Folk

 Eric Hansen - A Lover's Lullaby  Eric Hansen – A Lover’s Lullaby

  • Americana

 Eric Hansen - Real Slow  Eric Hansen – Real Slow

  • Americana

 Hurley Christin - Face To Face  Hurley Christin – Face To Face ~New Artist~

  • Pop/Country

 Pearson Perry - Run Real Fast  Pearson Perry – Run Real Fast ~New Artist~

  • Pop

 Kat McDowell - Hope In You  Kat McDowell – Hope In You ~New Artist~

  • Pop

 Ryan Sheeler - Skies & Shadows  Ryan Sheeler – Skies & Shadows

  • Pop

 John Batdorf - Soundtrax 2 Recovery  John Batdorf – Soundtrax 2 Recovery

  • Pop

FARM 2013: Friday Night Showcase

shiny Shiny BlackSaturday, October 26, 2013 – Our second day of coverage from the Folk Alliance Region Midwest (FARM) conference in St. Louis was concluded with another evening of outstanding music broadcast live over KC Cafe Radio from our showcase room.

Last night’s showcase featured music from KC Cafe Performing Artists Chico Schwall, and KerryPatrick Clark, as well a new KC Cafe Radio friends Dan Weber, Bohemian Highway, The Wilhelmes, and Shiny Shiny Black.

Listen to Friday night’s performances here:

Pictures from Friday night’s showcase:

Kerry Patrick Clark: His Story, My Story

Singer, songwriter and storyteller Kerry Patrick Clark has certainly had a lot of time to master the art of storytelling.  After all, his lifelong influences include some of the best: his parents, who encouraged him with his first musical instruments; musicians such as John Denver, Harry Chapin and James Taylor; and his work with the New Christy Minstrels.

And now, with 5 albums behind him, Clark tackles his most ambitious project yet – telling the story of Jesus from perhaps one of the most unique of perspectives one could imagine – his own.  The result is his 6th and newest album, titled His Story, My Story, which most appropriately launched during this Easter holiday season.  By connecting his own life journey to that of Jesus, Clark has put together a collection of poignant songs that we can all relate to, as we reflect on our own life’s journey.

Clark is also quite the entertainer, as was demonstrated during his KC Cafe House Concert (listen in here), on a recent visit to Kansas City.  There, we had the chance to experience first-hand the unique connection between story and song.

Recently, KC Cafe Radio Music Director Kathy Forste had the chance to catch up with Kerry via Skype.  They talked about what inspired him to produce such an ambitious album.  They also talked about the House Concert, and we get some insight and great advice from a masterful performer and storyteller on how to relate to an audience and draw a crowd in to your performance.

Listen To The Interview:

Music By Kerry Patrick Clark On KC Cafe Radio:

New Music On KC Cafe Radio: March 27, 2012

Severin Browne – Lucky Man (A Songwriter’s Notebook)

  • Country Folk

Severin Browne – This Twisted Road

  • Pop

Mark Schultz – Cheaper Than Therapy

  • Americana

Storyhill – Shade Of The Trees

  • Roots Americana

Andy Galery – Fly Away

  • Alternative Pop

By Jove – More Honest Than They Seem

  • Folk Alternative

Karen Dahlstrom – Gem State

  • Roots Americana

Chris Donley – Sunshine

  • Pop Rock

The Air Station – The Human Condition

  • Alternative Rock

Andrew X – Language Of Love

  • Alternative Rock

Michael and Kimann Schultz – Earthbound Ethereal

  • Pop

Roy Schneider – Erleichda

  • Roots Americana

Kenny Hines – Taco Tuesday Night

  • Country Rock

Kerry Patrick Clark – His Story, My Story

  • Modern Folk