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Mark Cote Welcomes You To His Funhouse

Mark CoteFor singer/songwriter Mark Cote, producing an album like Funhouse Of Your Mind was a no-brainer.  After all, he had fun with pretty much any instrument he picked up.  Whether it was the guitar he learned how to play when he was 10 years old, or the refurbished 1901 Gulbransen piano his parents bought for him a few years later, Mark was fascinated by music, and was plunking out melodies long before any kind of formal training.  Music, however, was not the only form of artistic expression Mark was exposed to as a child.

His mother, a New Zealand native, and father of Canadian descent, made sure that Mark was surrounded by creativity.  His mother was an avid painter, and encouraged her son to express himself visually.  His grandfathers on both sides of the family were musically inclined.  Somehow, through it all, the concepts of visual expression and music became intertwined in Mark’s mind, which is the hallmark of the creativity we enjoy in his latest album.

Funhouse Of Your Mind is best described as a “visually musical” experience, where all elements that ignite the imagination come together in one place.  It begins with the illustrations Mark created for the album’s liner notes, and extends into your own visual interpretations of the music as you listen.  It is an opportunity to not only glimpse into Mark’s creative world, but to discover your own as well.

Recently, KC Cafe Radio Music Director Kathy Forste talked with Mark via Skype from his home in Los Angeles.  They talked about his artistically diverse upbringing, his musical influences, and how all of that led to the development of “Funhouse.”  They also talk about his approach to creating music, and his unique approach to connecting music with visual imagery.

Listen To The Interview:

Music By Mark Cote On KC Cafe Radio:

New Music On KC Cafe Radio: July 10, 2012

(The) Americana Lovebirds – Americana Lovebirds ~New artist~

  • Americana

Peyton Tochterman – A New World ~New artist~

  • Modern Folk

Luna Blanca – El Dorado ~New artist~

  • Flaminco Guitar Pop

Mark Cote – Funhouse Of Your Mind ~New artist~

  • Pop

Robyn – Desire

  • Pop

Lezlie Revelle – That Little Girl

  • Folk Pop

Kevin Hiatt – Marooned In El Paso

  • Acoustic

Magpie – Magpie ~New artist~

  • Folk

Matt Minchew – Something More ~New artist~

  • Pop

Mark Bruland- BEEing Human ~New artist~

  • Instrumental

Amiena – Amiena

  • Pop

Vanessa Peters & Ice Cream On Monday’s – Sweetheart, Keep Your Chin Up ~New artist~

  • Rock

Vanessa Peters & Ice Cream On Monday’s -Little films ~New artist~

  • Rock

Mitchell & Harris – Traveling By Moonlight ~New artist~

  • Folk Pop

Makoto Sawai – Beyond Sky ~New artist~

  • Jazz