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Acoustic Guitar Project

One Guitar. One Week. One Song – The Acoustic Guitar Project

Acoustic Guitar Project

Acoustic Guitar Project

By Kathleen Coleman

The Acoustic Guitar Project, created by Founder/Executive Director Dave Adams, is currently in Kansas City.  The project scope is simple, one guitar is passed around between 10 Kansas City musicians.  Each musician has 7 days to write and record an original song using the acoustic guitar.  Once they have signed the guitar, it is passed on to the next musician on the list.   This creative project began in 2012 and has evolved from a simple idea to inspire musicians to write songs to a worldwide initiative encompassing 40 cities, 40 guitars, 400 musicians, and 400 new original songs to inspire and delight the listening public. Kansas City musicians are participating in 2014 for the first time since the Acoustic Guitar Project’s inception.

Dave Adams

Dave Adams

So far, four of Kansas City’s supremely talented songwriters have had the guitar in their possession for their week of songwriting.  Mike West of Truckstop Honeymoon received the guitar first and passed it to Danny McGaw (Wells the Traveler), and then it fell into the hands of Tyler Gregory.  After Tyler, Katy Guillen (Katy Guillen and The Girls) spent her time with the guitar and then on Monday June 9th passed it on to Jeff Freling (Victor and Penny).  Jeff Freling will complete his 7 day run and then the guitar will pass on to Beau BledsoeQuinn McCue (Kansas City Bear Fighters) and then Cody Wyoming (The Philistines) will have their turn creating their creative acoustic masterpieces.  In addition to the above 8 musicians 2 more are yet to be named to the project.

According to Dave Adams, “The Acoustic Guitar Project was created to help musicians reconnect to the original moment that inspired them to be singer-songwriters. Back to a time when it was just them and their guitar. Focused. Challenged. Creative. Most likely self-exiled to an isolated space. And definitely completely lost in the moment. By giving musicians a platform with simple restrictions, we hope that The Project will inspire them.”

Interested in finding out where The Acoustic Guitar is traveling in 2014? Check out the official website for updates, nominate a musician for the project, and check out past musicians who have created a special moment in music culture.  Look for a live performance featuring all 10 Kansas City Musicians sometime in August.


KC Cafe Radio House Concert: Sky Smeed

KC Cafe Radio House Concert - Sky SmeedJune 28, 2013 – Friends and visitors to Whistle Stop Antiques in Belton, Missouri were treated to an entertaining evening of story and song, as singer/songwriter Sky Smeed offered up his unique program of original music.

Born and raised outside Chanute, Kansas, Smeed grew up surrounded by the playlist of small town America: Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, Van Morrison and Merle Haggard.  Before he took to the stage, Smeed talked with KC Cafe Radio Music Director Kathy Forste about that upbringing, and how those songs, and songs like them, continues to influence his talent to this day.

Smeed then put those influences to work, entertaining the crowd with original music from his self-released albums, as well as a few yet-to-be-released originals.  His performance exuded as much character and charm as the collection of antiques that surrounded everyone.

Listen to the entire performance here:

Pictures from the event:

 Music By Sky Smeed On KC Cafe Rado:

KC Cafe House Concert: J.R. Byrd

J.R. ByrdMarch 11, 2013 – Attendees of KC Cafe Radio’s most recent House Concert was treated to an acoustic treat on March 1, when Texas singer/songwriter J.R. Byrd entertained with a program of original tunes.

Originally from the Seattle area, Byrd relocated to Denver as a youth, and eventually ended up in Texas, where he now calls Denton, Texas home.  Byrd’s unique style of songwriting comes out of his experience living in diverse parts of the country, as well as inspiration from his family and his observations and musings on life.

We invite you to relive this fun and entertaining evening with J.R. Byrd here!

Listen To The Entire Performance Here:

Music By J.R. Byrd On KC Cafe Radio: