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FAR-West 2017: Friday Night Showcase

Here are the archived recordings from the Friday night Official Showcase performances at the 2017 FAR-West Music Conference in Bellevue, Washington.  The first of two nights of juried showcase performances included the talents of Larry Murante, The Singer And The Songwriter, Rupert Wates, Alice Howe, The Talbott Brothers, The Wardens, and Nathaniel Talbot

Larry Murante (Washington)

Beautifully woven stories set the stage for a truly amazing artist who writes and sings about everyday folks, combining compassionate, socially conscious lyrics and an upbeat, joyful, folk/rock style.  Larry is known for his soaring, mellifluous tenor, a strong rhythmic guitar style and an engaging stage presence.  He was a Grand Prize Winner in the International John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

Listen to Larry’s performance here:

Download the performance here: Larry Murante

The Singer and the Songwriter (California)

Rachel Garcia and Thu Tran create music as vibrant and diverse as their multiracial backgrounds.  Their music and melodies cut across decades of classic American song forms, bending and blending genres to produce a unique sound with a fresh, clever and distinct approach to the classic traditions of American folk, jazz and blues.

Listen to The Singer And The Songwriter’s performance here:

Download the performance here:The Singer and The Songwriter

Rupert Wates (New York)

This marvelous musician combines lyrics that are rich with social commentary, accented by phenomenal guitar work.  He blends provocative lyrics with unforgettable melodies, wrapped around captivating stories.  He writes from the heart about life, love, sorrow and sweetness.  His songs are built on the foundation of fluid finger picking that are quietly powerful.

Listen to Rupert Wates performance here:

Download the performance here: Rupert Wates

Alice Howe (Massachusetts)

At once timeless and original, this Boston-based singer/songwriter combines a soulful, impeccably tuned voice with crafted poetry.  A lifelong songwriter, Alice’s musical sensibility lies in ’60s folk and ’70s Southern California songwriters, with comparisons drawn to the pure, distilled sounds of Joan Baez and Kate Wolf.  Her 2017 EP You’ve Been Away So Long features the original song Homeland Blues, #1 on the April Folk Radio Chart.

Download Alice’s performance here:

Download the performance here: Alice Howe

 The Talbott Brothers (Oregon)

Balanced harmonies from this exciting folk/rock act ignite an amazing sound that is both optimistic and captivating.  The Portland-based brothers blend guitars, mandolin, harmonicas and percussion to perfection.  This talented duo is driven by warm, melodic vocals, diverse instrumentation and authentic storytelling.  They are known for charming and energetic performances that blend singer/songwriter styles with folk, rock and pop.

Listen to The Talbott Brothers performance here:

Download the performance here: The Talbot Brothers

The Wardens (Alberta, Canada)

These master musicians are a Banff National Park-based trio whose music and stories emanate from the very land they’ve protected for decades.  Blending folk, roots and western styles, The Wardens reflect the pristine wilderness of the Rocky Mountains.  Their music drips with Canadian authenticity, depicting a rich depth of truthfulness and stems from a life lived in the deep wilderness of the Canadian Rockies.

Listen to The Wardens Performance here:

Download the performance here: The Wardens

Nathaniel Talbot

He is a singer, songwriter and organic farmer, whose music has ‘dirt under its fingernails,’ the product of decades of hard work and crafting – retuning, replanting, and retelling musical stories.  He truly embraces the crafts of songwriting and guitar playing.  His style is true American roots music, combining the soulful edge of tradition with the Pacific Nortwest’s legacy of freedom and innovation.


Listen to Nathaniel’s performance here:

Download the performance here: Nathaniel Talbot

New Music On KC Cafe Radio: January 14, 2014

Last Call Band - Whiskey Nights Last Call Band – Whiskey Nights ~New Artist~

  • Country

 Joe Peters & Friends - Red, Black & Blue  Joe Peters & Friends – Red, Black & Blue ~New Artist~

  • Americana/Folk

 Joe Peters - Pilgrimage  Joe Peters – Pilgrimage ~New Artist~

  • Americana/Folk

 Joedai Warriors - Over The Edge  Joedai Warriors – Over The Edge ~New Artist~

  • Americana/Folk

 Joedai Warriors - The Edge Of Disaster  Joedai Warriors – The Edge Of Disaster ~New Artist~

  • Americana/Folk

 Terry Holder - Flowers At Midnight  Terry Holder – Flowers At Midnight

  • Americana

 Jean Mann - Between The Rocks And Stars  Jean Mann – Between The Rocks And Stars

  • Americana/Pop/Folk

 Monet9 - East Of Nazareth  Monet9 – East Of Nazareth

  • Rock

 Bill Abernathy - Changes  Bill Abernathy – Changes ~New Artist~

  • Americana

 Chad Abernathy - The Journey  Chad Abernathy – The Journey ~New Artist~

  • Americana/Rock

 Tret Fure - My Shoes  Tret Fure – My Shoes ~New Artist~

  • Americana

 Tret Fure - The Horizon  Tret Fure – The Horizon ~New Artist~

  • Americana

 Tret Fure - True Compass  Tret Fure – True Compass ~New Artist~

  • Americana

 Tret Fure - A Piece Of The Sky  Tret Fure – A Piece Of The Sky ~New Artist~

  • Americana

 Johnathan Fleig - Strange Caravan  Johnathan Fleig – Strange Caravan ~New Artist~

  • Americana

 Connor Leimer - Like It's June  Connor Leimer – Like It’s June ~New Artist~

  • Acoustic Rock

 Smithfield Fair - Companions  Smithfield Fair – Companions

  • Folk

 Aaron Childree - Above The Norm  Aaron Childree – Above The Norm ~New Artist~

  • Pop

 Fred Knipe - Swimming With Tigers  Fred Knipe – Swimming With Tigers

  • Americana

 LA - Fowler/Dungan - Awaken  LA – Fowler/Dungan – Awaken ~New Artist~

  • Americana

 Barb Ryman - Catch The Sunset  Barb Ryman – Catch The Sunset ~New Artist~

  • Americana

 So Long Solo - The Complete Collection  So Long Solo – The Complete Collection ~New Artist~

  • Acoustic Pop