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KC Cafe Radio House Concert: Sky Smeed

KC Cafe Radio House Concert - Sky SmeedJune 28, 2013 – Friends and visitors to Whistle Stop Antiques in Belton, Missouri were treated to an entertaining evening of story and song, as singer/songwriter Sky Smeed offered up his unique program of original music.

Born and raised outside Chanute, Kansas, Smeed grew up surrounded by the playlist of small town America: Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, Van Morrison and Merle Haggard.  Before he took to the stage, Smeed talked with KC Cafe Radio Music Director Kathy Forste about that upbringing, and how those songs, and songs like them, continues to influence his talent to this day.

Smeed then put those influences to work, entertaining the crowd with original music from his self-released albums, as well as a few yet-to-be-released originals.  His performance exuded as much character and charm as the collection of antiques that surrounded everyone.

Listen to the entire performance here:

Pictures from the event:

 Music By Sky Smeed On KC Cafe Rado:

New Music On KC Cafe Radio: December 11, 2012


Sky Smeed – Mill River ~New artist~

  • Country/Folk

Sky Smeed – The Front Steps ~New artist~

  • Country

Sky Smeed –  Sky Smeed ~New artist~

  • Americana

Newton – At The Break Of Dawn (single)

  • Rock

Dan Hazlett – The Corner Of My Eye ~New artist~

  • Folk

Jesse Cann – Turn Homeward ~New artist~

  • Gospel

Carol Montag – Marigolds ~New artist~

  • Folk

Carol Montag – Second Sermon ~New artist~

  • Folk

Reverend JM’s Panic Worship – Only Maggots Inside ~New artist~

  • Alt Folk

Reverend JM’s Panic Worship – Cast Iron Dentures ~New artist~

  • Alt Folk

Paz del Castillo – Eleven Drops ~New artist~

  • Solo Piano

Wally Ford – Matter Of Time ~New artist~

  • Rock

Wally Ford – Lizzards Like Me ~New artist~

  • Rock

Wally B. Ford – Killer Buzz ~New artist~

  • Rock

I Am Nation – Liminality ~New artist~

  • Rock

Shaun Anton – See You Again ~New artist~

  • Country

Alacartoona – Fantoche

  • Modern Cabaret