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Mick Byrd: Back to His Roots With Ozark Blues

Mick ByrdIf you travel through the quaint little community of Vienna, Missouri, you may chance run into a friendly, soft-spoken guy by the name of Mick Byrd.  To many in his community he is known as teacher, coach, neighbor, colleague.  In the music world, Mick is known as singer, songwriter, guitarist, and one heck of a musician.  Regardless of the circumstances however, anyone who gets to know Mick soon call him “friend.”

Although Mick has pursued other endeavors in life, music has always been at the core of his being.   Ever since he first picked up a guitar when he was 7 years old, Mick has been fascinated with music and the stories they tell.  And, what a collection of stories they are! Mick has released a total of 8 albums to date, the latest of which brings him full circle, back to his Missouri roots, with a unique Americana-styled “Ozark Blues.”

The album is aptly called, Roots and Ozark Blues.  Along with his new Backroad Band, Mick weaves together the stories of life in a small town, with a sound that is rooted deeply in his Missouri Ozarks upbringing.  And while the location may be obvious, as listeners we quickly discover that these stories belong to all of us.

Recently, Mick took time from his busy schedule to talk with KC Cafe Radio Music Director Kathy Forste.  They talk about the stories behind many of the songs on Roots and Ozark Blues, and about the new band that accompany him on the album.  They also get into a fascinating discussion on the different stylings of Blues, and where his music lands in the spectrum of the genre.  And Mick offers his observations on what it is like to perform in two completely different venues, the South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, and the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee.

Listen to the interview here:

Music by Mick Byrd on KC Cafe Radio:


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