The Enzymes with The Active Ingredients: A Band Of A Different Color

The Enzymes with The Active IngredientsSometimes a band comes along that is so unique, that not even the term “eclectic” is an accurate description.  So, members Murphy Dunne, Rob Lewine, Larry Tredwell and Howard Greene settle on the term “clever rock” to describe their band, The Enzymes with The Active Ingredients.  And their music?… Well, let’s just say “clever” and “eclectic” are certainly good bedfellows in this case!

Their debut self-titled album weaves together everything from contemporary events, to their own life experiences, seasoned with a good dose of twisted humor.  Along with Vocalists Roxanne Mayweather and Phyliss Bailey-Brooks, Enzymes has put together an album that you will enjoy time and again.

Recently KC Cafe Radio Music Director Kathy Forste visited with the band as they were wrapping up one of their Skype rehearsals.  They talk about how four individuals came together to form Enzymes, how they came up with the name for the band, and what exactly is “clever rock.”

Listen to the interview here:

Music by The Enzymes with The Active Ingredients, here.