The Keller Sisters Deal a House Of Cards

The Keller SistersThe San Francisco singer/songwriter sister act is back, and this time dealing a House of Cards.  The Keller Sisters offer up a brand new album that is full of warmth, humor and harmony.  Their first album, Shine, released in 2012 quickly rocketed to the top of the Roots Music Charts, and they are looking forward to the same success on their latest album, House Of Cards.

For their second interview with KC Cafe Radio Music Director Kathy Forste, Sheryl and Kerry Keller talk about their album, their evolution as songwriters, and how they stumbled into the Americana music culture with their songwriting.  They talk about the busy life of full-time work coupled with a successful music career, the advantage of singing as a sister duo act,  and their musings on the future of Americana music, and their role in that future.

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The Keller Sisters - House Of Cards The Keller Sisters – House Of Cards

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