John M: Straight From The Heart

John MAnyone who has heard singer/songwriter and KC Cafe Radio Performing Artist John Mollenhauer (otherwise known to his fans as “John M“) will tell you that his songs are clearly from the heart.    Born in New York City, raised in Connecticut and now living in California, John has been involved in almost all aspects of music.  He has performed all across the United States, and even made a documentary DVD of the experience titled House Concerts, The Home invasion Tour.  He has dabbled in some acting, and owns his own recording studio, from which he has produced 6 albums.

John’s most recent album is aptly titled M-VI, and is woven from his 40 years of experience in the business.  From songs such as “I Believe in America,” which was a last-minute composition he put together for a show, to a new version of fan favorite “My Mother in Me,” a song he wrote for his mother, John brings his experiences front-and-center for all of us to experience and enjoy.

Recently, KC Cafe Radio Music Director Kathy Forste talked with John via Skype.  In their conversation, John explains why he named the album M-VI, and shares some of the stores behind his songs.  They also talk about producing the Home Invasion Tour documentary, and his experiences performing at House Concerts.  He also talks about transitioning from the East Coast through Nashville, Tennessee and eventually on to Los Angeles, and shares his insight on the differences in songwriting styles in each region.

Listen to the interview here:

Music by John M on KC Cafe Radio:

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New Music on KC Cafe Radio: July 21, 2015

It’s a summertime festival of music this month, as we bring you 12 new albums, and 3 new Performing Artists.  This month, enjoy new music from Monet9, Larry Garrett, Forrest Whitlow and The Crash, Marc Platt, and Roger Street Friedman, and we welcome The EngineersKnobtown Skiffle Band, and Bob Sima to the KC Cafe Radio family.  Follow the link and request their music today!

The Engineers - Keys In Hand The Engineers – Keys In Hand (single) ~New Artist~

  • Pop/Rock

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Monet9 - Swervin On Bridges Monet9 – Swervin On Bridges

  • Pop/Rock

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Knobtown Skiffle Band - Knobtown Rag Knobtown Skiffle Band – Knobtown Rag ~New Artist~

  • Folk/String Band

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KC Cafe Radio Larry Garrett – Folk Songs About Folks

  • Folk

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Marc Platt - Win or Lose Marc Platt – Win or Lose (single)

  • Folk/Rock

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Forrest Whitlow and The Crash - Like A Dead Horse Forrest Whitlow and The Crash – Like A Dead Horse

  • Rock/Americana

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Roger Street Friedman - Gone Gone Gone Roger Street Friedman – Gone Gone Gone EP

  • Americana

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Bob Sima - Pour It On Bob Sima – Pour It On ~New Artist~

  • Folk/Folk Pop

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Bob Sima - Periphery Bob Sima – Periphery ~New Artist~

  • Folk/Folk Pop

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Bob Sima - Thin Little Veil Bob Sima – Thin Little Veil ~New Artist~

  • Folk/Folk Pop

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Bob Sima - putalittleloveintheworld Bob Sima – putalittleloveintheworld ~New Artist~

  • Inspirational

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Bob Sima - Believe The Bird Bob Sima – Believe The Bird ~New Artist~

  • Spiritual/Inspirational

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Judy Nazemetz Brings Fun to Life Through Music

Judy NazemetzIf you ask Judy Nazemetz what her greatest musical influences are, she quickly tells you she has none.  Rather, Judy has immersed herself in all sorts of endeavors involving arts and entertainment.  And that’s what makes her music so eclectic.

Judy grew up in “Central Jersey” gaining an appreciation for musical theatre, which she took with her when she moved to Los Angeles and became involved in several plays and musical theatre productions.  She would go on to write her own one-woman show.

Along the way, Judy appeared more than 100 times on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, with Ellen DeGeneres on her sitcom, and in numerous television commercials.  With the 2014 release of her debut album, Variety Pak, Judy culminates all of her writing, comedy, performance, musical theater, and life experience into a single package.  Her music invites us to smile and laugh along with her, while at the same time affording us the opportunity to look at our own lives from a different perspective.

Recently, KC Cafe radio Music Director Kathy Forste talked with Judy via Skype.  Judy describes her journey from Jersey to L.A, and her experiences along the way, and how those experiences influence the songs on Variety Pak.  She also tells the stories behind the various characters she has developed, and what it was like to appear alongside people like Jay Leno and Ellen DeGeneres.

Listen to the interview here:

Music by Judy Nazemetz on KC Cafe Radio:

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Mick Byrd: Back to His Roots With Ozark Blues

Mick ByrdIf you travel through the quaint little community of Vienna, Missouri, you may chance run into a friendly, soft-spoken guy by the name of Mick Byrd.  To many in his community he is known as teacher, coach, neighbor, colleague.  In the music world, Mick is known as singer, songwriter, guitarist, and one heck of a musician.  Regardless of the circumstances however, anyone who gets to know Mick soon call him “friend.”

Although Mick has pursued other endeavors in life, music has always been at the core of his being.   Ever since he first picked up a guitar when he was 7 years old, Mick has been fascinated with music and the stories they tell.  And, what a collection of stories they are! Mick has released a total of 8 albums to date, the latest of which brings him full circle, back to his Missouri roots, with a unique Americana-styled “Ozark Blues.”

The album is aptly called, Roots and Ozark Blues.  Along with his new Backroad Band, Mick weaves together the stories of life in a small town, with a sound that is rooted deeply in his Missouri Ozarks upbringing.  And while the location may be obvious, as listeners we quickly discover that these stories belong to all of us.

Recently, Mick took time from his busy schedule to talk with KC Cafe Radio Music Director Kathy Forste.  They talk about the stories behind many of the songs on Roots and Ozark Blues, and about the new band that accompany him on the album.  They also get into a fascinating discussion on the different stylings of Blues, and where his music lands in the spectrum of the genre.  And Mick offers his observations on what it is like to perform in two completely different venues, the South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, and the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee.

Listen to the interview here:

Music by Mick Byrd on KC Cafe Radio:


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PorchFest KC 2015: The Performances

Rafter e Studio at PorchFest KC 2015

Kansas City’s West Plaza neighborhood came alive with music on Saturday, June 13, despite the early afternoon rain!  The 2nd annual PorchFest KC community music event went on through the rain, then the sunshine, as over 100 bands performed before crowds from 40 porches throughout this historic community.  KC Cafe Radio was there, bringing you live music from our showcase stage, generously hosted by Rafter e Studio, at 4501 Fairmount Avenue.

Rafter e StudioOur thanks to John Eck and the artists of Rafter e Studio for sharing their beautiful space, and to Larry Garrett, David Hakan, The Matchsellers, The Engineers, Chad Abernathy and AJ Young, Steve Sterner and Neptune’s Car for sharing their music from our stage.

Listen to the performances here:

Pictures from the event: