Doug Adamz: National Steel

Doug AdamzDoug Adamz is a dazzling guitar player, a soulful singer, and an outrageous harmonica player.  Add the insightful poetry of his lyrics and his terrific sense of humor, Doug puts on a show you’ll never forget.  Some of his songs are engaging stories, some are reflective and philosophical, sometimes he just gets down with the blues.

Adamz has three solo albums; “National Steel” taps right into the tap root of American music with 17 original songs performed on a National Steel Body guitar, except for one harmonica barn-burner.  The CD is solo except for two duets with Peter Rowan. “Bernardo’s Serenade” is a collection of very original songs including “The Authentic Skulls of Pancho Villa”. “Guitar Solos” is a unique and beautiful instrumental album of original works for solo acoustic guitar.  His music has also been performed by The Joffrey Ballet and The Kronos Quartet and used in major motion picture and television soundtracks.

He currently lives in the outback of Marin County, north of San Francisco, of which he has said, “Ain’t nothing between Tomales Bay and the North Pole but an oyster bed.”  He grew up in El Paso, Texas (“where apathy is the biggest problem, but nobody cares”) and has been unable to shake the musical influence of his formative years in that unique cultural environment.

KC Cafe Radio Music Director Kathy Forste recently caught up with Adamz via Skype.  They talked at length about National Steel and other recording projects, the “journey” of writing for music, as well as his own musical journey from the plains of Texas to California.

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Doug Adamz - National SteelDoug Adamz – National Steel

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