FAR-West 2017: Saturday Night Showcase

KC Cafe Radio concluded its live broadcast coverage from the 2017 Folk Alliance Region-West music conference in Bellevue Washington with live music featuring the Saturday night Official Showcase performances.

Here are the archived recordings of the performances

Dennis Warner, (Minnesota)

As a Folk/Americana artist, Dennis Warner has established a well-deserved reputation for captivating audiences with his smooth vocals, distinguished songs, enthusiastic personality and stellar playing, on both six and twelve string guitars.  Playing in 100 cities every year, he cleverly blends ballads, up-tempo songs and humor.  Dennis has a contagious energy and a collections of songs that ring true.

Listen to Dennis Warner’s performance here:

Download the performance here: Dennis Warner

Follow The Fox (Colorado)

The musical synergy from Sarah Cole and Dylan McCarthy is highlighted by spellbinding harmonies and creative arrangements.  Their sound is distinctive and alluring.  Soulful harmonies, captivating guitar, and mandolin leads give way to musical energy that will keep you listening from the very first note.  From heartbreaking ballads to hard-hitting bluegrass, this Colorado-based duo has incredible musical chemistry.

Listen to Follow The Fox’s performance here:

Download the performance here: Follow The Fox

West My Friend (British Columbia, Canada)

Forged from a socially adventurous acoustic music scene on the west coast of Canada, the band play a key role in a new generation of grassroots folk music.  The wealth of musical experience and classical training in the group creates an interesting backdrop for their songwriting, allowing for levels of detail, intricacy, and counterpoint balanced with moments of musical simplicity.

Listen to West My Friend’s performance here:

Download the performance here: West My Friend

Cary Morin (Colorado)

This talented troubadour is a Crow Tribal member who blends the great traditions of American music.  His deft fingerstyle guitar and vocals convey an earthy melodic tone, combining bluegrass, blues and jazz in a unique and captivating style.  His seemingly effortless guitar picking is nimble, yet soulful.  Humility shines through his music, as he weaves a magical musical tapestry.

Listen to Cary Morin’s performance here:

Download the performance here: Cary Morin

Reggie Garrett (Washington)

Reggie Garrett performs mostly original songs mixed with pop covers and more traditional style folk ballads.  He is the creative purveyor of a unique urban strain of mostly acoustic music, incorporating a number of diverse influences, including: Folk, Latin rhythms, Blues, Gospel, Celtic, Rock, Jazz and more.  The result is a musical blend that has excited and touched audiences throughout the US and Canada.

Listen to Reggie Garrett’s performance here:

Download the performance here: Reggie Garrett

Radio Stranger (Oregon)

Americana artist Kelly Brightwell and folk-rocker Woody Moran have fused their talents, and the results are nothing short of amazing!  They deliciously mix detailed observations of a world traveler with captivating storytelling, which brings emotional landscapes to life.  They deliver harmonies that lock in rhythmically.  Their unique talent is especially evident in a live setting.

Listen to Radio Stranger’s performance here:

Download the performance here: Radio Stranger