John Zipperer: A Life That’s Full Circle

John ZippererA former TV actor and stuntman, John Zipperer’s second chance came rolling down the highway of life, not on a carefully controlled movie or commercial set, but while changing a tire for a friend along the 285 freeway in Atlanta, GA. John was hit by a ten-wheel oil truck. After flying forty feet and landing in the hospital, John was told by the critical care doc, “You should be dead!” To John this seemed like a clear sign that life is, or could be, too short.  He packed everything he owned into his 1976 Camaro and headed out to Los Angeles to pursue a life in music.

John Zipperer and friends…

John Zipperer and friendsJohn’s clear voice, infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics reach fans in places that they didn’t know existed. Soon everyone is singing along, swaying, chair dancing, head bobbing, and clapping.

Fans remark over and over about the joy that is evident when the band is on stage – joy in their playing, joy for their audience, joy from their audience.  John Zipperer & Friends deliver a unique and refreshing blend of rock, folk, country and blues. With a stellar lineup of band members drawing upon the wealth of experience. Credits range from Jethro Tull and Vanilla Fudge to Frank Zappa and The Wallflowers.

John Zipperer is the front man with lead vocals, rhythm and/or lead guitar and increasing turns on the mandolin and banjo; Barrett Tagliarino adds flashy guitar, vocals and mandolin; Tara Sitser contributes vocals, keyboard, and ukulele; Jime Van Booven rounds out the mix with solid bass lines and vocals.

Recently KC Cafe Radio Artist Relations/Marketing Director Kathleen Coleman spoke with John.  They talk about that fateful moment along the highway, and how it led to the musical change in his life.  They also chat about the “message of the music” and how all of us can make that message our own.

Listen to the interview here:

Check out John’s music on KC Cafe Radio here.