KC Cafe House Concert: Kasey Rausch

Kasey RauschSaturday, September 22, 2012  –  Kansas City area singer/songwriter Kasey Rausch entertained music lovers attending the KC Cafe Radio House Concert in Lee’s Summit, MO tonight.  Over the course of the evening Rausch shared her life story in both words and music, and reminding us that, as unique as we may all be as individuals, humanity does share common, emotional paths.

Rausch shared such personal favorites as “Live How You Love,” and “Turpentine,” along with a few new tunes, some created just a few days ago.  Her clear, pure voice combined with a superb guitar treatment of the music helped to personalize the experience for everyone in attendance.

Listen To The Entire Performance Here:

Here is a video of Kasey Rausch performing “Heavy Fog”:

Music By Kasey Rausch On KC Cafe Radio: