Michael Henchman: On a Road Less Traveled

Michael Henchman

photo credit: Mirifoto.com

Singer/songrwriter and KC Cafe Radio Performing Artist Michael Henchman has spent a lot of time on the road.  Not on a touring circuit.  Rather, Henchman grew up traveling the world in his youth, the son of a career Army officer.  Music was also a significant part of that youth.  His dad an opera lover and his mom an avid pianist, there was always something to keep his melodic “juices” flowing, and by his teens, Michael would find himself writing music.

Later in life, Michael would leave college for the rugged landscape of Alaska, working as a laborer for the TransAlaska pipeline.  There, under the unending daylight of summertime and the relentless harshness of winter, he would discover the inspiration for many of the songs he writes today, and would eventually choose his music as his career.  He has played in various folk, rock and jazz bands, has composed music for television, and has produced his own albums.

Recently, KC Cafe Radio Music Director Kathy Forste talked with Michael via Skype.  They discuss his life growing up traveling the world, and exactly what kind of impact life in Alaska can have on one’s music.  They also talk about the musical landscape, and how dramatically different it can be away from the “lower 48.”  Michael shares the stories behind the inspiration for his album, 40 Miles From Midnight, and gives us a sneak peek into some new projects he is working on.

Listen to the interview here: