Show Your Love!

February 14, 2012 – Over the past month, KC Cafe Radio asked you to "Show Your Love" for your favorite KC Cafe Performing Artist, by requesting their music for airplay.  Then on Valentine's Day, we played the music you voted as your favorite music on The Cafe.

Here, we present a listing of the music played on the show.  Our thanks to everyone who voted, and helped to spread the word about this special presentation on KC Cafe Radio.  Most importantly, our thanks to all of the wonderful and talented musicians who show their love for KC Cafe Radio every day by sharing their music with the world.  We are grateful to you!

Listen To The Show Here:

Kerry Patrick Clark – On The Road To Human Being

  • On The Road To Human Being

Jane Vixen – Wake Up

  • Souls Alike

6 East – It's Been A Long Time

  • Living The Dream

Chase Fortune – More Than Just A Pretty Face

  • Today EP

JTodd Burroughs – Back To You

  • A Little More… With A Little Less

Surreal Realm – Endeavors

World5 – You And I

Tom Detrik – (you're) Unbelievable

  • Songs From The Window

April Higuera – Giant

  • Unpainting Portraits

Russell Nollen – Song For the Pines

  • I

Jennifer Bennett & Tom Lardner – Sunflower Fields South of Derby

  • Mason Jar

Terry Lewsader – Mickey Rooney

  • Terry Lewsader

Paolo I – Boy From Tupelo

  • The Pale Blue Sky Sessions

Kathy Cisneros – Dance With Me

  • Just Imagine You

The Zoo Incident – Hypoxia

  • The Zoo Incident