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Happy Holidays from KC Cafe Radio

KC Cafe Radio Holiday GreetingsAs we approach 2015, we want to take a moment to personally thank all those who helped keep the music streaming in 2014.  First, we would like to thank all of our Performing Artists who have shared their original music with our station.  We are in awe of all the talented singer/songwriters currently streaming on the Cafe and those who performed this year in our Concert Series.

Second, we want to recognise a small group of individuals who tirelessly work in the background for KC Cafe.  We want to thank our Board of Directors which includes: John Dutton (President), Larry Garrett (Vice President), Victor James Dougherty (Secretary), and Beth Coleman (Treasurer).  Their contributions over the last six months have greatly improved our processes.

Next, we want to thank our Underwriters, KC Cafe Menu Favorites, and Community Partnerships.  Their financial and professional support helped pay for all our operational costs in 2014, as well as, allowed us to expand our reach and participate in regional folk festivals in new and exciting ways. These individuals and businesses include:

Our Concert Series Hosts were amazing in 2014. Our generous Concert Series Hosts brought together their friends and excellent food to experience KC Cafe Performing Artists from all over the United States.  A huge THANK You to the following 2014 Concert Series Hosts who welcomed KC Cafe Radio into their homes and businesses.  We are truly grateful for your partnership and everyone can relive each live performance in our live music archives here.  The list of 2014 Concert Series Hosts include:

Last but not least, we want to thank the listeners and fans of original music!  Since we began our journey in 2008 so much has changed.  Yet as things have changed our  mission has remained constant, to provide you the listener with the World Finest Original Music on the planet!  So as we close out another broadcast year we are excited to enter into 2015 with high hopes to increase our reach, expand our services to artists, and acquire new listeners looking for original music.

May 2015 be merry and bright for you and yours and may you have a blessed holiday season for the rest of 2014.

Happy Holidays from KC Cafe Radio – John, Kathy, and Kathleen

A Star Spangled-First Friday 4th with KC Café Radio!

Star Spangled 4th @ PT's Coffee at the Crossroads

Star Spangled 4th @ PT’s Coffee at the Crossroads

KC Café Radio was thrilled to present our very first, First Friday’s Event at PT’s Coffee in the Crossroads on July 4th.

On stage at PT’s Coffee for an evening of original music were, singer/songwriter/musician Victor James Dougherty,  KC Café Music Director, Kathy Forste, KC Café Radio favorite Chad Abernathy, and local boy done good, Bill Abernathy.

First Friday’s is an event held the first Friday of every month where thousands explore the restaurants, shops and art galleries of the Kansas City Crossroads Arts District.  PT’s Coffeehouse hosts music from around the Kansas City area on First Friday’s and KC Café Radio was proud to take our turn at being part of this amazing event.

Listen to the performances here: