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David Hakan Sings to the Heart in Stone and Steel

David HakanSometimes the winds of change blow hard on a C harp, wail at the corporate towers and shake the roots of rock ’n’ roll.

Singer/songwriter David Hakan has lived through a lot of that change, and continues to sing about it to this day.  Along the way, he has skilfully crafted his refinement of the song and songwriting into something he now shares with others… Not just fans of his music, but other musicians as well.

A native of Kansas City, David grew up with music as an integral part of life.  His mother played piano, and exposed the family to all sorts of music. “You never knew if you were going to get opera or ‘Lovin’ Spoonful’.”  His older brothers were also quite musical, playing guitar and singing covers of Peter, Paul and Mary songs.  David fit right in, singing along with his brothers, and eventually on his own.

After years of performing his original songs in coffee houses, at folk festivals and other venues, David would go on to share his passion and experience with other musicians.  He formed the Kansas City Songwriters Circle in 1992, and has mentored many successful singer/songwriters in the Kansas City area.

David recently retired from teaching, allowing him to focus all of his time on his music.  The latest product of this change in his life is reflected in his new album, Stone and Steel.  David is also taking to touring, and plans on forming a band in the near future.

Recently, KC Cafe Radio Music Director Kathy Forste talked with David via Skype.  David talks about growing up in a musical family, performing on the “coffee shop circuit,” and the importance of music in our world and the impact it has on society.

Listen to the interview here:

Download the interview here: Interview: David Hakan 7/11/2016

Music by David Hakan on KC Cafe Radio: